Smart CCTV System

Smart CCTV System

We’ve been working on a smart CCTV system for one of out clients this week.

Smart because it detects loitering and alerts operators if someone parks in the visitor parking spaces for more than 30 seconds the system alerts the office to make sure staff are available on reception to service visitor and that staff are on hand when visitors walk through the doors of reception.

This way their isn’t a queue in reception or for the visitor parking spaces which they have limited spaces available.

For this we have used the smart features in the CCTV cameras and defined areas which become occupied. The cameras are clever enough to know that something has entered the defined area and has been there for 30 seconds before it triggers an event.

Once reception are alerted and by an audible warning on a mobile app and buzzer in the office the system then knows when a vehicle has left the area as staff will check vehicles into the business premises as number plates are taken and used for future entry to the business via the main customer entrance using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR).

The system is over looked by a Pan Tilt and Zoom camera which sits atop the main building and patrols the visitors area and the main entrance to the park.

The cameras are displayed on screens in the main office so that staff can keep an eye on the site for possible intrusion or incidents which may require their attention.

Remote monitoring via mobile phone is also setup so that staff out on the main premises can still be alerted and deal with visitors in a timely fashion.

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