Peer to Peer WiFi links/WiFi Bridge

Over long distances, it isn’t always possible to install computer cabling. This may be due to environmental conditions, and cabling limitations. CAT5/CAT6 cable can only be run over a maximum of 100 meters, or up to 300 meters with specialist adaptors.

It also may not be possible to run cabling due to environmental issues such as having to dig up paths, roads, or even fields. This can be a problem, especially if you don’t own said paths, roads, or fields!

What about if you want to install CCTV systems in a remote location?

You have power but you have no means of connecting the CCTV equipment that you wish to install to your network?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to use peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network devices.

These Wi-Fi devices use radio waves to transmit high-speed network connections between a local device and a remote device and vice versa.

One device is installed on your network and the other device is connected to the remote equipment. Be it a remote device or even a remote office.

The Peer to Peer equipment uses radio to securely transmit data from one location to another and vice versa. This is done seamlessly to the equipment or remote users.

We have put these device to great use on large estates where digging cabling several miles is not an option. Because these devices use radio waves then they communicate over thin air. As long as they have a line of sight they will work and they can even be daisy chained together to broadcast around buildings in built up areas.

We have several of these devices operating over a distance of 16 kilometers from town centers to rural location.

These devices are fantastic for use in adding CCTV cameras or for setting Wifi access points in remote locations.

Farm outbuildings, holiday cottage lettings, Pub Wifi/CCTV, Warehouse connectivity and Campsite Wifi installations are just some of the uses we have installed these peer to peer wifi links for.

To find out more on how our Peer to Peer Wifi links can help you get the most from your network or help your business access the internet in a remote location, please give us a call on 01625 266883.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera (ANPR) connected to Peer to Peer Wifi device which transmits the CCTV camera signal over 0.5 miles back to the main building at a Gym in Wilmslow.

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