At Milkshake Computers we take your privacy very seriously and we aim to protect your privacy and comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws of the UK. We provide this privacy policy to help you understand what kind of information we may/do collect and how we store this information. This document also informs on how we keep this data safe.

By using this website, submitting your personal data or when working with Milkshake Design UK Ltd or Milkshake Computers, you express your agreement to the processing of your personal data in the manner provided in this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use this website or provide us with your personal data.

Data We Collect from our website
We collect data in two methods, user submitted and automatically generated. Below are examples of the categories of data collected.

User Submitted: Most of the information on this site does not require user registration or for you to provide your information to access this information. We only as you to submit your information if you wish to contact us or leave a blog comment on our article pages. If you do not want to submit your information then please do not fill in the forms on the website, request information, or leave blog comments. We will not ask for your personal details on any of our pages for gain or to access additional information.

Automatically Generated: Cookies & Site Statistics: All the pages on our site have Google Analytics code attached to them. This code allows us to collect demographics from the users of our site. These statistics are such items as Browser version and capabilities, Operating system version and screen resolution. We also collect other demographics as location of visitor, by continent, country and area.
The Google Analytics statistics are automatically collected and are stored in the google system, we do not store these details locally and access is via the secure google analytics system.
The information we gain from the Google Analytics system is not shared, however there maybe snippets of information on this site to highlight the number of visitors we have received in a given time frame.
The site also uses cookies which are a tiny little bit of text which is generated when a page is viewed and these files are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder locally on your computer. Mainly these are autogenerated when a page is requested from our servers, we do not use any tracking cookies, however our affiliates partners to whom we link to may do for tracking purposes.

Collecting the Data of Minors
Put simply “We Dont” if an email, contact is deemed to be from a minor then we will delete this unless it is a request for information.

Data you provided to us Sharing Your Personal Data
Put Simply “WE DONT” Any data provided by you on this website or on projects we undertake, such as information relating to hosting, websites or security is held in the strictist confidence and is destroyed on completion of the project or on request. We do not email usernames and passwords to customers and expect the same in return. We request 2 methods of transportation of sensitive information such as email and text or please use a utility such as WinZip and password protect any documents sent to us. We then recommend the password be verbally or textual provided. A mobile number is available on request.

Any information you provide to us is treated with absolute confidentiality, no personal data is displayed on this site or nay of our websites, or are your details shared to third parties, that is unless requested.

If you are in any doubt about the security of your data then please call to discuss other methods of data use or transfer.

Any details stored on our computer systems are either protected or encrypted. Even our backup system is encrypted.

Warranty of security
We cannot 100% guarantee the safety of any details provided to us but we have procedures in place to make sure your details are as secure as possible. Any machine which may contain sensitive details are not directly connected or accessible from the internet but we cannot guarantee the safety of any data stored with us due to theft, fire or other circumstances beyond out control.

Your Rights
If you wish to know what information we hold on you then firstly ask yourself a question “Have I contacted Milkshake Computers before?” If the answer is NO then we probably dont have any information on file. If you still wish to find out then please complete the contact us form and ask us.

Changes to This Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is subject to change at any time.