Automated Gate entry system, ANPR system

Automated Gate entry system, ANPR system

As a long-term supplier to Sunnyvale holiday park in Kinmel Bay we were approached by them to provide an automated entry system using ANPR for their holiday park.

The brief for the installation was thus:

  • To have an automated gate entry system for the vehicles entering and exiting the park using the registration numbers of the clients and visitors who used the park while also having some means for staff buggies to enter and exit the park.
  • A means for unregistered vehicles to be able to contact reception or security 24 hours a day.
  • The gates must also be covered by CCTV for safety and security reasons.
  • Staff must also be able to view the gate system and open it remotely.

With the above in mind, we have put together a system which allows the entry and exit of owner and visitor vehicles, if they are registered, along with the facility to use supplied entry codes, key fobs, and has the future facility for mobile phone proximity entry.

The system must also be able to handle expansion such as additional door, barriers and gates.

This has been one of our bigger projects to date with groundworks by GJ Teeson limited, barrier installation by Accessibility UK and electrical installations by SJ ward.

Work began in March 2022, with the installation of the main equipment island which is situated in the middle of the roadway. This work was undertaken by GJ Teeson and Gary and his team completed this work ahead of schedule. Their work included digging out the island itself, making alterations to the road layout and installing conduits for electrical and data cabling as well as finishing the island with curbstones. They were also responsible for placing all the appropriate road markings.

The barriers were installed by Accessability UK and are 6 m in length and take just two seconds to open.

Due to the environmental factors at the site, right by the sea, the poles are galvanized and lacquered for extra protection.

Accessibility installed a Paxton access control system which is controlled by ANPR cameras. This in turn is linked to a database of clients and visitor registration numbers.

All the hardware installed on the traffic island has been painted in the holiday park corporate colours to match all the other hardware on the site. All the hardware for CCTV systems, which overlook the main entrance gates for safety and security reasons, where also installed at this time.

The barriers at the site also have lots of safety measures on them to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Milkshake have provided all the IT for this automated gate entry system from the network cabling and associated hardware through connecting all the devices on this system, making sure that they all work together, connecting up the CCTV and setting up the ANPR cameras

The system is administered by a central PC, which stores client details of registrations, and distributes this data to the gate system which in turn allows the barrier to open when the automated number plate recognition cameras detect vehicle pulling up at the entrance or exit gates.

This not only makes the site more secure, but it also creates a record of which vehicles have entered and exited the park, the time of entrance or exit, along with the names of the owners of these vehicles. These can be searched on via the events list, the users record or via each barriers transaction list. Reports can also be generated from the system.

Should any vehicle arrive at the gates and shows as unregistered we have installed intercom’s which when pressed will ring designated office or security phones depending on the time of day. Staff can then take details of the vehicle registrations and visitor details. The gates can also be opened from these phones by pressing numbers on the phone keypad or from PC’s in the office and security hut.

The gates can also be locked in the open position remotely for when the site has deliveries of lodges or holiday homes.

We’re extremely happy with this installation and we know it will be both an asset to the site while improving security on the site.

Below are some of the images from the installation and the final result.

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