Campsite Wi-fi installation

Campsite Wi-fi installation

At Milkshake we have the pleasure of looking after the campsite Wi-Fi installation on a Stately home, Capesthorne Hall. There is a sizable campsite on this property, some five acres in total, and the previous Wi-Fi installation from 2009 was now proving inadequate in both speed and range. Plus, the old system had only 2.4g Wi-Fi and had no 5g capacity, and only provided a maximum of 5mb of bandwidth.

The old system was also prone to dropouts when the site had more than a few devices connected to it and only allowed a maximum of 32 devices at one time. Which equates to just 1 device per pitch.

To provide faster speeds to the campsite we had to put a Wi-Fi bridge between the main stately home which has a 100mbyte leased line.

This required work to be undertaken on the roof of the main stately home and another transmitter/receiver on the office/toilet block of the campsite some 1/4 of a mile away.

The Wi-Fi bridge transmits the 100mb speed across from the main hall to the campsite building.

From there we have installed a managed router inside the campsite office which allows over 1024 devices to connect to the campsite Wi-Fi at any one time.

From here there are two powerful Wi-Fi access points which have been placed on the roof of the Campsite office and these direct the Wi-Fi signal across the campsite.

With the equipment we have installed the staff can both manage and monitor the usage of the Wi-Fi on the site.

We are incredibly happy with the signal strength across the entire five-acre site with signal strength even 190 m away and through numerous trees onsite, which is incredibly good.

Speeds are still over 60mbps even on the extremities of the campsite.

On a recent rally weekend, there were over four hundred devices connected and the speeds across the network were only reduced by about 10%.

We are currently in talks to extend this outdoor Wi-Fi across other areas of the estate which are open to visitors and also increase the speeds of the leased line from 100 mb to 1000 mb.

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