Broadband fault-finding

Do you have problems with your broadband?

Does your connection drop out?

Have you spoken to BT or your broadband provider who have said that the problem is your equipment?

Do you need help in testing your equipment and proving there is a fault with your line?

Do you need someone to take ownership of your broadband problems and deal with them to a resolution?

Do BT want to charge you an arm and a leg just to turn up?

If the answer is “Yes” to one or all of these questions then we can help you with your broadband fault finding issues and find out where the problem lies, who is at fault and ultimately deal with your broadband providers or BT on your behalf as we have done before for hundreds of businesses.

We appreciate that dealing with an organisations as large as most broadband companies or BT can be quite daunting especially if the fault team refer you back to your equipment. We can help to test this equipment before you speak to them, temporarily replace your equipment with native BT equipment, test cabling to the main socket and other computer equipment. We then produce a report of what’s been found and advice or help on providing a resolution.

We can then communicate with your broadband company or BT technical support to resolve your issues.

To find out more contact us on 01625 266883 and ask about our Broadband fault finding service.

What our customers have to say about out Broadband Fault Finding service.

“BT wanted to charge us £130 call out charge without first making sure our internal wiring was sound. After an hour we had a report that stated the fault could not be internal and BT came out to find a fault on the line nearby. Thank you for your help.”
David, Macclesfield

“Our BT line kept dropping out and this affected our internet and VOIP telephones so was making business very difficult. BT wanted to charge a fortune to come look at the system if the internal wiring was at fault. With the issues you found on the line and the contact you had with BT I am glad to report they have been today and put a new line into the building. We now have stable internet and can use our phones. Thank you.”
Gerrard, Gatley