Neat and tidy

Neat and tidy

Just because a job is small and is hidden away doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tidy.

We install a lot of these small network boxes at the end of fiber optic lines and this is how we leave them. We’ve seen a lot of these little boxes with equipment just thrown in and when they are opened it all falls out which is not good.

This is how we leave our installations and the equipment is labeled this:


  1. Media Converter. Converts light signal to electrical signal. Connects to Fiber line and Ethernet.
  2. Power over Ethernet injector. Takes the signal from the media converter and injects 24v down the ethernet cable to power a wifi access point or wifi bridge.
  3. Fibre Optic cable
  4. Ethernet cable
  5. Ethernet cable out to device
  6. Power connections
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